Anybody out there in Forte-land going to the Republican Theater Festival in Philadelphia this week?

Please note that I’m holding back all potential punch lines at this moment. I think it’s a really great thing that someone’s trying this, even if I doubt my own personally held doubts about its potential. I will say I found out about it at Big Hollywood, and the comments and ads on that site make me squirm.

If you get to see any of the Fest, please post comments here. [click to continue…]

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Peter and the Star Catcher

by Slay on 04/14/2012


My wife and I saw Peter and the Starcatcher tonight and we were amazed, cracked right open by it, and had a really great time.

What I want to say about the show is pretty much the highest compliment I can think to pay. Everything we loved most about the show (though certainly not everything we loved about it) was the product of a highly skilled ensemble working incredibly hard to create actual magic. And, obviously, they were guided and allowed to create a piece that was built on that kind of work by very skilled leaders.

There’s great design and great writing and great music as well, but all of those elements are integrated with – and rely on – moment by moment sweat equity. The cast is amazing and we’re so grateful for their efforts tonight.

Go support that show. It’s the right stuff.


Google Play

by Slay on 03/28/2012

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Okay, this isn’t what I was hoping for when I clicked Google PLAY.


Adam Interviews Artistic Directors

by Slay on 12/07/2011

Dammit, Adam. I was totally gonna steal your “I Interview Playwrights” format and do this myself!

Adam Symkowicz has decided to follow-up his recent spat of 400+ Playwright Interviews by interviewing Artistic Directors. He kicks the series off by talking to Marc Masterson, currently of South Coast Rep, formerly of Actors Theatre of Louisville and Pittsburgh’s City Theatre.


And in all seriousness, thank you, Adam, for doing this. Your series of Playwright Interviews already makes your blog one of the most revealing documents we have about the current state of our art, and I look forward to learning, cringing, and laughing throughout your new project.


Indie Theater Now!


Indie Theater Now is an online script repository and it’s exactly what theatre-makers like me have been waiting for since the birth of the internet. WOW! Thanks you, Dentons!

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Dionysus in ’69

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Thank you, Playgoer, for pointing us to Brian De Palma’s film of Richard Schechner’s landmark production Dionysus in 69 at the Performing Garage. You can watch it online for free. Surely this is the most amazing artifact available on the web this week. PLEASE NOTE: This film is Rated X for audience orgies.

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Eno & Hwang in Chicago

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I saw two plays in Chicago last week. Those plays were Chinglish by David Henry Hwang at the Goodman and Middletown by Will Eno at Steppenwolf.

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New Georges, what are you doing to my brain?

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