Matt from Available Light talks “Pay What You Want”

by Slay on 08/16/2011

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Roy Jacobs February 10, 2012 at 12:31 pm

Matt, ACT Theatre in Seattle has a membership program. The program they have is similar to a gym membership. The ACTPass is $25 per month and patrons can see a paticular show as many times they want, or see a show, performance, or speaker every day if they want.Their is no limit.

They do have some events that are private and not available to the ACTPass members

I also like the PWYW program.

I am trying to implement similar ticketing programs at my theatre.

Would you care to comment on any thoughts you have on the ACTPass program at the ACT Theatre.



Slay February 11, 2012 at 1:42 pm

Hi Ray –

ACT is pretty cool. We watch them closely to see what new stuff they’re trying. (And I’ll go ahead and flatter myself that they’ve checked us out a few times, too.)

The ACTpass program is really cool, and probably works well because they have such a variety of events going on in their space. We’ve considered going to a program like this, but we probably don’t offer frequent enough events to make it seem like a worthwhile monthly investment. We have always, however, offered memberships that allow unlimited visits to our shows. All of our memberships work that way, and it’s worthwhile because we’re lucky enough to have a significant share of the audience that regularly sees our shows more than once.

We do allow some patrons to pay for their memberships monthly. Certainly $10/month seems like less money (in a way) than a full $120 payment, and makes life easier. A lot of people call this the “Netflix model,” and the appeal is obvious. Many theatres, including ours, however, do rely on large, one-time subscription/membership payments to finance many beginning- and end-of-season expenses. For better or worse, that’s part of the usual way of doing things.

Good luck with your PWYW adventures. Please let us know how it goes.

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