“One of the most invigorating things of any stripe I’ve seen on a stage all year.”
“Everyone in the ensemble conveys humanity with undertones of sadness while wondering how to remain hopeful in a world that could use more kindness. Yes, it could.”
“Whatever we do together is pure invention.”
– Adrienne Rich
Recommended if You Like: Reality Hunger, Rebecca Solnit, Robert Rauschenberg, Adrienne Rich, David Byrne, coloring books, and Sister Corita Kent.
Acacia Duncan, Todd Eckert, David J. Glover, Brian Gray, Amanda Loch, Karie Miller, Elena Perantoni, Ian Short, and Dakota Thorn.

Special Appearance by:
Gina Hoch-Stall, October 6-8.

Choreographer: Todd Eckert
Stage Manager: Adam Humphrey
Scenic Design: Brad Steinmetz
Lighting Design: John Dranschak
Sound Design: Dave Wallingford
*Bootleg Radio was created by a large group working for six months in collaboration: Anna Brown Massey, Acacia Duncan, Todd Eckert, David J. Glover, Brian Gray, Adam Humphrey, Amanda Loch, Michelle G. Lowrey, Jaylene Jennings, Karie Miller, Eleni Papaleonardos, Elena Perantoni, Ian Short, Brad Steinmetz, Dakota Thorn, Blake Turner, and Rohaan Unvala.

Many writers created text for Bootleg Radio, including: Stefan Farrenkopf, Jackie Hedeman, Adam Humphrey, Emily Humphreys, Samantha Tucker Iacovetto, Amanda Loch, Michelle G. Lowrey, Cassidy Slaughter Mason, Melonie Mazibuko, Karie Miller, Molly Olguin, Savannah Reich, Alexis Schaetzle, Jennifer Schlueter, John Schmor, Matt Slaybaugh, Mark Snyder, C. Denby Swanson, Danny Turek, and Preston Witt.

Text for Bootleg Radio is also is drawn from work by: Dan Bejar, Anne Bogart, Carla Bozulich, Tara Brach, David Byrne, Italo Calvino, Raymond Carver, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Dave Eggers, Renee Gladman, Goethe, Langston Hughes, William James, Corita Kent, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Chris Kraus, Thomas Merton, Rachel Naomi Remen, Adrienne Rich, Susan Rogers, Mary Ruefle, David Shields, Rebecca Solnit, Michael Stipe, David Foster Wallace, and Adam Zagajewski.
77 south high st. 2nd floor
columbus, oh 43215