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cry it out

Written by Molly Smith Metzler
Directed by Eleni Papaleonardos
March 26 - April 11, 2020
Blanchard Performing Arts Center
The Wellington School
3650 Reed Rd.
Whitney Thomas Eads, Jordan Fehr, Kasey Meininger, and Dakota Thorn.
High quality child care will be available on-site, at Pay What You Want pricing, for all performances. Reservations are required.
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Cry It Out
"It expresses and honors the diversity of reactions to the disruptive arrival of a baby; it observes that there are no right answers; it captures how this particular part of being human puts the most demands on you when you are least able to deal with them."
- Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
"A clear-eyed look at maternal stresses in today’s America, it is also swift-moving and laugh-out-loud entertaining. Cry It Out explodes the myths of maternal bliss."
- Amy Kotkin, DC Metro


Messy and raw, like it really is, Cry It Out is a deeply felt drama about the complicated, emotional, and financial consequences of becoming a parent.

Cry It Out tells the story of three young mothers (and one bewildered father) with little in common but one huge thing: newborns.

Confronting the absurdities of being home with a baby – and the usual, terrifying choices that all parents face – they turn to the power of female friendship. But even that great equalizer can’t negate the unfair effect that money has on raising children.
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