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Please Be Odd

 and support accessible theatre



Dear Friends:


Last year, you encouraged me through the production of Our Town.


There were many uncertainties: Would the curtain rise? Would an audience arrive? Would it be a worthy production?


All these uncertainties were (dare I say) favorably resolved.


Now Comes The Odd Couple


I am writing today to ask for your sponsorship of a new community production of The Odd Couple, May 7-10, 2009.


Here's why:

      Audience. More than 1,300 people attended Our Town. This group and more will return for another joyous community theatre experience produced by the experts at Available Light Theatre.

      Arnett Howard will star as Oscar Madison. Performing with trumpet and funk in central Ohio for decades, Arnett Howard is the true mayor of Columbus. He will draw audience from his enormous following.

      Subject. The Odd Couple is the perfect show for right now: It's a nearly perfectly crafted delight and we all need to laugh during these trying times. And it has a deep meaning: we all need to remember that relationships are all we truly have.

      Cause. Available Light provides theatre for all, even those who cannot afford expensive tickets. In addition, well be supporting a school, a cancer foundation, and a social service agency.


Why Is Artie Doing This?


Well, the reasons are above, and there is one more: Arnett and I — with your help — can attract a lot of people who do not ordinarily go to the theatre. Perhaps they think the theatre is not for them. Wouldnt it be great to lure them to The Odd Couple, leaving each with the thought, "Hey, I like the theatre!"


We could incubate an entire audience for theatre in our community. And improve the lives of actors and audience throughout central Ohio.


Please help. What do you say?

Click here to become a patron.


With best regards,


Artie Isaac

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