Pay What You Want

Why Pay What You Want?

Now more than ever, we all need great art. And now, more than ever, we can’t let economic circumstances shut anyone out of the theatre. It’s simply a better world when we can all afford to see good shows, no matter how much cash we’ve got in our wallets on a daily basis.

What is Pay What You Want?
Pay What You Want is exactly what it sounds like. You choose how much you pay for your tickets. Again it’s about removing the barriers between you and great art.

When can I Pay What I Want?
With very rare exceptions, Pay What You Want is available for every ticket, for every show, for everyone.

What about online ticket sales?
We have not yet found an online solution to provide true Pay What You Want. So we’ve set several options from which you can choose. Because there is a fee associated with online sales, we do have to set a minimum price to cover the cost the bill from the processing company. Please note: Buying early is the best way to avoid a sell-out and is a big help to us.

So how much should I pay?
Well, we design the shows to be worth $35+ per seat. However, we want that to be broad enough to include those who might not be able to pay as such. So, our suggested price is $25. At that number you’re covering the cost of your seat and throwing in a little extra to help support the Pay What You Want program for everyone. The most popular choices are $20, $10, and $5.

What if I’ve only got, like, a dollar?
You’ve just found the best bargain you’ll ever get for that dollar and you are just a welcome to enjoy the show as everyone else. Sold! Come on in.

Can I decide what to pay after I see the show?
You have to pay something to get in, but we do have a fishbowl to accept additional support after the show.

Does anyone really pay more than they have to?
Yes, we have many wonderful supporters who pay $30, $50, even $100 and much more every time they see a show. Their support is a large part of how we’re able to continue this program. We could get really deep and philosophical at this point about the actual value of money and the psychological implications of paying more, but we’ll let you determine your own views on that. We can say this; you will probably feel good doing it.

How long have you been doing this?
Since April, 2008.

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