Remain in Light

Remain in light

Written and Directed
by Matt Slaybaugh
May 9 - May 25, 2019
‍Riffe Center Studio
77 South High St.
Pay What You Want available at the door.
Tickets available online now: Get Tix.
Whitney Thomas Eads, Elena M. Perantoni, and Dakota Thorn.
Brian Gray, Adam Humphrey, Kara Jobe, Jason Kientz, Elena M. Perantoni, Epiphany Pope, Dakota Thorn, and Michelle Weiser.
Thursday, May 9 @ 8pm (w/ talkback)
Friday, May 10 @ 8pm (w/ talkback)
Saturday, May 11 @ 8pm
Sunday, May 12 @ 2pm

Friday, May 17 @ 8pm (w/ talkback)
Saturday, May 18 @ 8pm

Thursday, May 23 @ 8pm (w/ talkback)
Friday, May 24 @ 8pm (w/ talkback)
Saturday, May 25 @ 8pm
Remain in Light


Remain in Light is:
- a collage of movement, moments, songs, and visions.
- a practical handbook for being a better whatever you already are.
- a show for anyone seeking more joy and well being.

After a series of encounters with the science and philosophy of the mind, an ordinary woman begins the difficult journey of learning to make a life worth living. The route is marked by grit and gratitude, loving kindness and living with purpose, and the realization that other people really do matter. Confronting her own heartache against a backdrop of contemporary confusion, she struggles to stay on the path.
RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: big questions, , reflecting on what it means to be human, curiosity, ambiguity, Pema Chodron, David Byrne
77 south high st. 2nd floor
columbus, oh 43215