Once again, Available Light approaches a strange and difficult novel to adapt it into a strange and challenging stage-play. This time around the book is A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce, which celebrates its Centennial in 2016.

This radical adaptation is titled Dedalus after the main character of Joyce’s novel. In our version, Stephen Dedalus will be played by a multiple actors of various types as the play twists through the dreams and memories of a blossoming artistic soul.

Recommended if You Like: (Don Quixote) a pilgrimage, John Cage 101, Dead City, Rilke

  • Meet the Artists
Matt Slaybaugh
Stage Manager
Lonelle Yoder
Lighting Designer
Brendan Michna
Sound Designer
Dave Wallingford
Costume Designer
Acacia Duncan
Costume Designer
Jaylene Jennings
as Dedalus, et al
Adam Crawford
as Dedalus, et al
Dakota Thorn
as Dedalus, et al
Camille Bullock
as Dedalus, et al
Daniel Shtivelberg
as Dedalus, et al
Matt Hermes
as Dedalus, et al
Shanelle Marie
as Dedalus, et al
Whitney Thomas Eads
as Dedalus, et al
Jay Rittberger
as Dedalus, et al
Josie Merkle
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