"The pure joy of moving with other people created moments that seared into my brain... I walked out into the night with a lightness in my chest, aware of each of my own steps."
- Richard Sanford, Columbus Underground
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"Available Light Theatre is nothing if not ambitious. Few theater companies would take on the project of attempting to describe — in little more than an hour — what it’s like to live in a human body... The experiment pays off."
- Margaret Quamme, Columbus Dispatch
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A collaboratively-created theatrical collage about the bewildering experience of having a body and the difficulty of communicating what that's like.

For the six months of its creation, among ourselves, we called it "Body Movin" or "Dance Dance Revolution" or just "The Body Play." Directed by Eleni Papaleonardos and recognizing that we easily disconnect from our bodies in the digital age, we've explored what it means to have a body, how to find joy in inhabiting our bodies, and the many ways we've forgotten about how our bodies relate to the world.

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