The Ohio State Murders by Adrienne Kennedy
Directed by Whitney Thomas Eads
Saturday, October 10 @ 7:30pm
Adrienne Kennedy's 1992 one-act about a fictional African-American writer whose life both is, and is not, like her author's. The play is an intriguing, unusual, and chilling look at the destructiveness of racism in the United States.

Still Life by Emily Mann
Directed by Jennifer Schlueter
Sunday, December 6 @ 7:30pm
Still Life is a distillation of interviews Emily Mann conducted during the summer of 1978 with people who were dramatically affected by the Vietnam War, each in different but interrelated ways. It is the story of a wife, a lover, and a Vietnam War veteran who returns home and struggles to come to terms with the atrocities he witnessed and committed. Mann describes the play as "a plea for examination and self-examination, an attempt at understanding our own violence and a hope that through understanding we can come out on the other side."

Two Vaněk Plays by Václav Havel
Directed by Matt Hermes
Saturday, March 26 @ 7:30pm
A sampling of The Vaněk Plays, by dissident Czech writer and statesman Václav Havel, these short works focus on Havel’s theatrical alter ego, Ferdinand. Banned in Czechoslovakia when first written in the 70s, the plays tell the universal tale about the ways we are all susceptible to moral compromise, they way our actions can contribute to the very same problems we protest, in any society, any government.

Recommended if You Like: Exploration, risk, and experimentation.