"Sometimes the most minimal theatre is the most spell-binding. And when it’s done right, as it is in Available Light Theatre’s mesmerizing production, it leaves more conventional theatre in the dust."
- Margaret Quamme, Columbus Dispatch
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"This is a hilarious, grab-you-by-the-throat version of the human brain trying to eat itself, distilled to something so potent you can’t see the flame but its heat will blister you. A call to arms and a shot across the bow to art and theatre in Columbus in 2016."
- Richard Sanford, Columbus Underground
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Playwright Will Eno has been called “a Samuel Beckett for the John Stewart generation.” If there’s such a thing as stand-up existential comedy, this play is it.

Under Matt Slaybaugh's direction, Jordan Fehr will perform this surreal, one-man meditation on the way life never quite lives up to the awesomeness of living.

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